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Registry Cleaner

Need to find a way to clean your registry?

Not into techie mumbo jumbo?

What you might need is a good Registry Cleaner.

 What Registry Cleaners Do!

Registry Cleaners do a wonderful job repairing your registry and getting rid of those error messages you often see after opening a program or

Keep Your PC Registry Clean

A Clean ,Optimized Registry in your PC will keep it running as Fast as it did when it was new!

starting your computer.   The Windows Registry has information about the setup of every single program on your computer.

The Registry is used constantly when you are using your PC because it contains your settings, how you configured things and other important information.  Most times errors won’t lead to your PC not starting up, but you will continue to get error messages and slow start ups if you don’t clean and repair your registry.

Using a Registry Cleaner  to clean and repair the registry removes errors at the source.  After using a good registry cleaner, problems vanish after even one scan.


When to use a Registry Cleaner

I use my registry cleaner every day!  I often download programs and files from the Internet to use to work on my websites.

Sometimes these files  bring unwanted and unneeded glitches with them.  Other times I have inadvertently clicked on install instead of download and got something I didn’t count on.   After I have done some heavy downloads of large files (like backups of my blogs) I usually run my Registry Cleaner to get rid of the clutter of Internet Temporary files and any other junk I may have picked up along the way.

My best advise is to use after downloads of large files and then run again before closing down  for the night or first thing in the morning before starting out the day on your PC!.

An additional note:  I also run the “quick scan”  from Malwarebytes a free antimalware  tool available  here  www.malwarebytes.org/ .  just click on products to find the free version.

I was advised by my Computer Repair person to run this every day.

His instructions:  download and use the free version,

1. click to open, click on update and get the updates,

2. click and use the full scan the first time you use it,

3. after that just run the quick scan.

4. do not use the computer while the scan is running.

5. Closing down instructions:  click on Main Menu then exit.

Don’t know why this step by step list was necessary, but he felt it was important enough to include in his written instructions!

He also said that if I had any problems with left over files from uninstalled or deleted files to use another freebie called CCleaner.  I seldom use it as I don’t think it has a restore option available!

Update!  I am now using a newer version of CCleaner from CCleaner.com V4.02.4115 and for some actions it now includes a restore option, however except for occasional use, I still prefer my regular retistry cleaner…  note they have a newer edition available but all the reviews are negative…so won’t upgrade until they debug their problem.  

Included in my registry cleaner are these services: clean, optimize, restore and a recent new feature to check for unused software programs (which I haven’t used).

Using a Registry Cleaner is Easy!

If you get the right registry cleaner, using it is easy.  Beware of registry cleaners that include other programs.  You need a registry cleaner that cleans, repairs and optimizes your registry and MAKES A RESTORE FILE before it does its work.

I have occasionally had to do a restore after using my registry cleaner, maybe two times in the last year.

When you buy and install a registry cleaner, spend some time reading the setup and help information before you start using it.

I am not into the advanced setups, but I still go through the manual to become familiar with what is there.  Sometimes a forum link is included so you can go read what others are doing with this software!.

Which Registry Cleaner do I use?

Here is a link where you can read what the Owner  says  about the Registry Cleaner I use.  Just Go Here. 

You will need to enter your email address to access the information and I believe they offer a trial download.  I didn’t buy any of their additional services  because my Computer Whiz said for keeping the computer in great operating  shape I didn’t need anything else..of course I do have a virus program but I’m not talking about virus programs today!


Advantages of using a Registry Cleaner

Using a Registry Cleaner helps to keep your PC working like it did when you first got it:  Fast and Efficient.

Why spend a lot of money buying a PC and not keep it working  at its top?

You bought it because it was better so keep it in pristine working condition by cleaning your registry every day to fix errors and prevent crashes.   All you need to do this is the registry cleaner, so don’t be tempted by additional services that you don’t need!

I have used this registry cleaner for over 10 years, they have free support for all users, so check it out!  Your PC will thank you.

Easy Access Click Here!

If you think my advice was useful, please comment and let me know!

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Review: Spin Rewriter 3.0

Spin Rewriter was  updated and Launched as of December 6, 2012

Great Discount during the Launch. Watch the short video below to see how easy to use!

I would describe it as the Human Article Writer in a Box!

I signed in, got my 5 days free trial and my credit card doesn’t get charged until December 8th. Nice.

I have a lot of little sites that need some help and this will be the perfect tool. All those nice PLR articles sitting

in my hard drive taking up space…..they are about to get put to work!

If you decide to buy, be in for a surprise,

the first 400 to sign up get an incredible deal…..can’t tell you the exact figure, but I paid more for

another rewriter that I can’t use..much tooooo complicated, have to put in words, those | | that I can’t ever find..

Aggggghhhhhh. More trouble than it is worth.

The Best Spin Rewriter…all I have heard it called by anyone who matters..has some terrific recommendations (have a program..guy thinks original content is KING, but said for your own blogger blogs etc. that you use for backlinks to your authority site, O.K. to use The Best Spin Rewriter) because what you get is very acceptable,

and you can add my recommendation (for what it is worth) to the list.

Update on my recommendation Today, April 23, 2013!!!!!!

I used Spin Rewriter 3.0  again today….a different type of project!

Wrote an original article, inserted into Spin Rewriter, selected my words and level of spin….created 20 NEW articles with 98% new content.

Articles are for my Diabetes site, Plan to use the Spun articles to post on my related blogs.    A Great time saver. I’m using manual distribution instead of a posting software. Safer and better!

Combine this software with WP Import, my thousands of articles living in my hard drive and a little (very little) time and

work and I’ve got it made for content on my blogger blogs, WP sites and even a few of the WP org blogs.

Here, Watch the Video below,  but if you are in a hurry….go watch this one that has the great offer!     Quick Access That’s Right click Here!!!.

To check it out just click anywhere on this line for instant access.

P.S. That great offer I mentioned is only for the first 400 signups.

An Evergreen annual reduced fee, still available.

Plus, there is a 5 day free trial, so go sign up for your Five Days of Free Use, then Decide.

That Evergreen annual offer is grandfathering you in so if you buy now, when you renew….same price!  No monthly payments….you decide!

If you could use a great time saver  for creating content,   then    The Best Spin Rewriter is here just in  time.

Just checked and that offer has been re-issued!

Get Lucky,  use this little hard worker, plus some smart deployment and get on with your back linking and content posting to your sites…big time.

What takes time is writing content, not copy and pasting and  submitting…so take the time saved and use it for submitting….or getting someone on 5iver to do it for you!

Go  Watch the video…..you’ll see!

Quick Access to Free 5 Day Trial! Click Me..

P.S.  I forgot there are some nifty bonuses that come with it….see for yourself.


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The Best Spin Rewriter The Human in a Box

Get your Human in a Box,  Article Writer

and save that 60% of your time that most

Bloggers spend writing content.!


I have nothing more to say, just watch the Video.

You are not going to belived what this software can do.

Add to Cart

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Getting Started With WordPress

 Getting Started Using WordPress is Easy!

Getting started with WordPress to

create your website or blog is easier than I though it would be.  My first try at creating anything on the internet was with a Google Blog at Blogger.

Andrew my Cat sleeping on the printer.

Andrew, my buddy, helping out by running the printer!

Mainly because it is completely free, I didn’t have any qualms about using it.  With a built in mentor called  Google who  somewhat supervises you so if something goes wrong, it is easy to delete and start over.  Which isn’t on the lists of things to do when using WordPress!

Most articles you run across that attempt to give information about getting started with WordPress to create a Blog or Website begin with:  pick a niche (assuming that you want to set up and sell something) then get a domain and hosting.

If you are here reading this because of the link to this article in the email I sent you, then you know that the free website I gave you to download has  videos and instructions covering some of this information, but for the complete beginner there is available another program that will get you started from the very beginning.

Mini review of a Paid Course that I Have Used and Recommend for Beginners

John Thornhill has a coaching course that is outstanding.  The secret is that he created and sold this course for almost $500!   But, it is now available for less than $20.

However, what is included in it,  is what we need to talk about.

The course starts with the very, very basics which means he instructs you with pdfs that you can read, but the best thing is the Videos.…………

You are walked step by step through everything you need to know about setting up your own WordPress blog or site.  He even gives you his favorite theme to work with!  He then  teaches you the steps he has used to create his Internet Marketing empire.

If you haven’t ever tried to set up a website, or even if you have and want to really know how to do it using WordPress, then I couldn’t recommend anything better.  Even though the program is a little dated, I still keep it on my hard drive for use as a reference  because of the detailed instructions!

There is just one little glitch…a few of the videos show a version of WordPress that is arranged a little bit different than the ones you see now.  It doesn’t matter, the basic files are still there, they just moved the menu for them to the left sidebar for easier use, rather than running them across the top.  And a few things that you previously had to do are now automated…a good work saver.

If you are thinking about setting up and using WordPress as a blog or website to use for family and friends, your home business or just because you want to, then this Old but still great program deserves a look.

One thing he does is shows you exactly how to setup with Google Adsense so your blog can earn a little money for you!  Another thing included in this is the Integrity of the Teacher.  His philosophy is keep it honest. He does not teach you to use things that will  subject all your hard work  to getting banned by Google.

Treat your Readers with respect and  treat them as you would like to be treated.

Two Other Choices that are Free to Use to Create a Blog

If you are still wanting a free way to get started, then maybe go to WordPress.com and check it out.  Google Blogger works well too, but both of these programs have restrictions in case you want to put links on them to sell things to make money.

WordPress.com has this posted in their terms of service and they mean it,  don’t post it on their sponsored sites if it includes any of the following:

“the Content is not spam, is not machine- or randomly-generated, and does not contain unethical or unwanted commercial content designed to drive traffic to third party sites or boost the search engine rankings of third party sites, or to further unlawful acts (such as phishing) or mislead recipients as to the source of the material (such as spoofing)”

When I set up my first site on the free wordpress, I put an affiliate banner on it.  Very shortly I received and email that said I would be shut down for commercial content unless removed immediately!  Needless to say, I removed it!

This program at WordPress also lists options to host sites with them, buying your own domain name etc., but I would not recommend them unless you Plan to never have anything for sale.  Their commercial plan (the last time I read it) is very restrictive.

Use WordPress.com to learn how to use WordPress (which is easy) and keep it clean.  Treat it like school!

As for Google’s Blogger, they are a little bit more liberal in that they do allow their sponsored Adsense ads and seem to have a good relationship with Amazon for selling products listed on Amazon.

I hope I have given you a look at how easy it can be to get started with WordPress and a few tips about what to do and not do!

You can go here to watch a really nice Video that explains more about working with WordPress.  There is a list of items below the Video that is very interesting reading.  Free to Watch Video, just click here.

If you enjoyed this article, please share with your friends!

Or even leave a Comment!  I’d like to hear what you think!

Did I leave something out for a Beginner You Think Is Important?  Tell me About It! 


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Warehouse Deals, Electronics Home Entertainment

Keep Cool…..Watch Tv Indoors


Product Details

Data Sheet [PDF]
  • Product Dimensions: 30.7 x 4.3 x 10.5 inches ; 19.9 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 26 pounds
  • Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S.
  • Shipping Advisory: This item must be shipped separately from other items in your order. Additional shipping charges will not apply.
  • ASIN: B00752RAA4
  • Item model number: TC-L32C5
  • Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (25 customer reviews)
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #2,619 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics)

 Check it out HERE

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Widgets what are they?

What are widgets in wordpress?  Where are they and how do you use them?  All questions I had no answer for until I found this interesting video.   Give it a watch, I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Just in case this whets your appetite, you can join me in taking John Thornhill’s coaching class.  This class is 16 weeks in length, not affiliated with the video below, but loaded with videos and a pdf print out for each weeks training.  It begins at the beginning, and I mean the real beginning!

If you need your hand held while getting a domain name, web hosting,  learning  FTP  setting up categories and links  this is the coaching plan for you.  Originally sold for $497  you can get a Bargain for $19.99 through this link.  Very detailed, he guarantees you will create a working site and learn how to really make money on the internet. 


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