Creating a Blog with John Thornhill

I’m taking a 16 week course from John Thornhill learning how to really set up a WordPress “Blog”.

I’m now on week two, setting up a Blog and I ‘m having a problem.

His video shows wordPress the way it was about two years ago..  There is an update with the video that explains that WordPress moved the menu to scroll down the left side of the page instead of across the top….I’m working through it.  Learning some things I never knew about wordPress.

We are now into setting up and using categories.  I have about  ten sites and not one of them have anything in the categories other than the WordPress  links mostly because I was afraid to try.

The setting up the Blog with links etc. is interesting.  Not sure how it works.  I set up some links in the blog rather than using the menu on the left and amazingly some  appeared on the page when I clicked preview to look.   Hmmmm….wonder where those other two went?

I’m still at it.  Visited the self help and coaching blog which is like the break room at work…everybody puts in their two cents  right or wrong.  I still have two categories I set up that don’t appear when I “visit” the site.   They are there in the dashboard, but not on the page.

Well, I don’t really have a page yet…this is it, still being worked on.

I’ll publish now, can change it later  or make a post to continue this conversation…

Well, I’m published, but still at it.  This is the most helpful course I have ever lucked on even if some of the videos are a little behind the times.  I go and read in the coaching help forum where other students are also working through the program.  A real community for a change.  Some of them already have nice blogs and sites but felt the need for more understanding of wordpress and how to really use it.

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